This tutorial is not for beginners, and will not teach scala from scratch.

It is assumed that you must have some prior basic exposure to Scala. It will help you go over some of the core topics again in detail.

  1. Basic Concepts

    1. Substitution model for expressions

    2. Tail Recursion in Scala

    3. Partially Applied Functions & Currying

    4. Functions as Objects

    5. Variance and Bounds

    6. Pattern Matching and Extractors

    7. Pair and Tuples

    8. Implicits in Scala

  2. Collections / Streams

    1. Lists in Scala

    2. Streams in scala

    3. Fold and Reduce

  3. Sample Programs

    1. Sample Linked List implementation in scala

    2. Expression evaluator in scala

    3. Expression simplifier in scala

    4. Run length encoding of list of characters

    5. Merge Sort

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